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Successfully combining proven strategies and therapies in a holistic approach for your better health

By combining these one-to-one services as well as personal care therapies, Solstice Integrative Medicine is able to provide clients with individualized and unique paths to healing from the inside out. We believe that with a holistic approach we can help you live to be the healthiest and most vibrant version of you possible.


Dr April Blake ND LM integrates traditional and Western medicine to address acute and chronic health issues. Naturopathy is guided by the understanding that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented using therapies within each person's reach such as a healthful diet, regular exercise, thermal treatments, and therapeutic touch. Dr Blake utilizes an inferred sauna to help your body detox and clear the way for healing to take place. Dr Blake also employs cranio-sacral therapy to alleviate stress and pain. In addition to her work as a Naturopath, Dr Blake is also a licensed midwife providing wholistic pregnancy, birth, and post-partum support.


When it comes to lifestyle and food choices, Functional Clinical Nutritionist and Counselor Kia Sanford MS encourages you to bring your Whole Self along for the journey. Part of the reason so many programs and therapies fail is because they don’t address the “why” about eating and only talk about the “what”. Why do we so often make choices that go against our best interests? This is why Kia incorporates both her Masters in Counseling and her Masters in Clinical Nutrition in what she does to benefit each individual client. 


Sometimes life gives you wobbly roads to navigate and it can be helpful to reach out to someone who is both nurturing and familiar with the challenges and pitfalls that may seem to obscure the path forward. With gentle guidance, cheerleading, hand-holding, detective work, and dedication, Victoria Whisman MFT can help you to create and navigate a healthy path while helping you build the tools and strength to continue on your own in the future.

spirit medicine for the human journey

Jenny-Viva Collisson MD is board certified in Family Medicine and a Fellow of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. Jenny-Viva graduated from UCLA School of Medicine and completed residency at UCSF School of Medicine, before working in integrative mind-body medicine at One Medical for a decade.